• Homeopathy for babies & children

** Please note the new clinic address from 16th April 2018**

Healthcare for chronic disease

My name is Mary-Jane Sharratt and I am a qualified homeopath and advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner . Based at The Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath, I see patients with a wide range of health complaints.

I have many years experience of treating chronic disease, including allergies, auto immune conditions and mental health and have a truly holistic approach to health. I have a down-to-earth attitude and enjoy helping people take responsibility for their own health. I believe that we can each influence our own health not just through our choices of nutrition and lifestyle but also our thoughts, beliefs and approach to life. I consider myself to be someone with whom you can discuss what is going on in your life in a non-judgemental way; my role is to provide you with treatment and information and also to assist and support you in the decisions that will affect your health and life.

During a typical session, I may muscle-test to ascertain if there are foods which are aggravating your condition, or vitamins or minerals in which you are deficient. We may do some EFT on a troublesome memory, or emotion and you will almost certainly be sent away with some homeopathic remedies and a few lifestyle changes to put into effect.


Please note that from November 2017 I am no longer offering NAET treatment to new clients.