Babies and Children

Safe and effective treatments even for new born babies

Under current legislation I am only allowed to mention conditions which are backed by research. Homeopathy and NAET both treat the individual, not the named disease, so may be able to help with conditions not listed here. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know how treatment can help your child.


Homeopathy for BabiesBabies respond extremely well to homeopathic treatment and it is gentle even for treating new-borns. NAET is also available for babies and children who can be treated safely.

  • Colic, wind and constipation are often the result of food allergies and intolerances. Testing using NAET techniques can identify the problem foods and with treatment the allergies can be eliminated  or an exclusion diet can be followed.
  • Ear infections¹
  • Colds and respiratory tract infections²
  • Allergies to milk or foods using NAET


Homeopathy for ChildrenI use NAET and homeopathy to treat a wide range of childhood conditions. These can range from allergies, coughs³ and colds² to chronic conditions such as digestive problems4 and sleeping difficulties5.

For children who suffer from behavioral problems, such as ADHD, a combination of homeopathy6 and NAET is ideal.  Food intolerances are often a critical factor in behaviour and these can be treated with NAET, whilst research shows the efficacy of homeopathy in treatment.

As with all holistic treatment, it is the individual who is being treated, not the disease.

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