About EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

The way in which we live our life is often the consequence of the beliefs and behaviour patterns that we learned in the first few years of our life.

Perhaps you have never suffered major trauma, but almost certainly there are events that you wish had never happened, or situations in which you feel very uncomfortable, whether that be on a plane, in an exam or speaking in front of a group.

You may suffer from panic attacks, anxiety disorder, or depression. And all of these have their root in the big and small traumas of our lives. Perhaps you believe that it’s just the way you were made and nothing can be done about it, but the good news is that Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, changes lives.

EFT can be used for anything, but most commonly is used for all issues resulting from trauma, such as PTSD, phobias, anxiety, and even health conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and auto immune conditions. Combining EFT with extensive holistic health knowledge and experience enables your practitioner to bring peace, harmony and better health into your life.

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