About EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Gary Craig

Gary Craig

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is sometimes known as tapping. It has is basis in the ancient Chinese science of acupuncture; it has been found that tapping on specific acupressure points reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and therefore reduces stress. Established by Gary Craig, EFT is used by people in all walks of life, including actors and performers, sports people and business people.

It has been found to help deal with any number of emotional issues and even physical conditions that have an emotional cause. In particular it is helpful for people suffering from panic, anxiety and phobias as well as day to day stresses. Many people use it themselves at home but working with a practitioner can enable you to explore issues more deeply than is possible on your own.

It is widely used worldwide (there were 12 different nationalities represented on my training course including three doctors) and is becoming increasingly well known as a great way to help stress-related conditions.

Gary’s website is www.emofree.com which contains a plethora of information including a self-help tutorial.

Matrix Reimprinting, developed by Karl Dawson, takes EFT one step further, by looking at the beliefs we formed during specific events in our life and examining whether those beliefs still serve us. It is extremely powerful for dealing with past trauma and also for clearing blocks to future success and happiness. It is not a therapy that can easily be done alone and is recommended that you experience it with a qualified practitioner.

For more information you can visit www.matrixreimprinting.com.