Can EFT reduce pain?

A couple of years ago I was chatting to someone in my yoga class. She had suffered from terrible back problems for years and daily yoga was an important part of her keeping her pain levels under control. I hadn’t seen her for a while and asked how her back pain was, to which she replied that she didn’t have it any more. I was surprised and asked what had happened. It transpired that after reading a book about painback pain she had changed her attitude to it.

I was intrigued by this and recalled it again more recently when I was undertaking my EFT (emotional freedom technique) training. On one of the training days, three people who were experiencing various levels of chronic pain stood at the front of the room. In turn, each was asked to tune into their pain, describe it and tap on the EFT points on the head and hands. One woman had terrible back pain and could bend forwards only a few inches. As she talked through her pain and revisited a memory which appeared to have triggered it she continued to tap. After a few minutes she was asked to bend forward again. The difference was astonishing; she could reach below her knees. A similar pattern emerged with each of the students who were experiencing pain that day.

Physical pain is something that can blight our life, and often it seems that all we want to do is escape from it, not focus in on it. However I have found that homing in on our physical discomfort, giving it an identity and then using the tapping procedure can alleviate it enormously.

There is masses of information about EFT on the internet, especially on YouTube. I like to work with people face to face initially so that they can learn the tapping points and become familiar with the EFT process. I then often ask people to spend a few minutes every day tapping on whatever the issue is that is bothering them that day. This is often a stress trigger – it may be a minor thing, like an annoying neighbour, or aggressive van driver, or it can be a big issue which is taking over your life. I usually recommend beginning with the smaller issues for a week or so and then moving on to the bigger issues.

Exactly the same process can be used for physical pain. If you are experiencing either chronic or acute pain, give it a try.

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