Don’t take away my chocolate

Bar_of_Guittard_chocolateAt the end of June I spent a beautifully sunny weekend in a room with forty other people overlooking the beach and sea on Brighton seafront learning how to use and help others to use Emotional Freedom Technique.

Inevitably much of the weekend was spent working on our own issues both to help us to better understand ourselves and to be better able to work with others. For many it was a pretty emotional time. I thought I was holding it together quite well until we came to the part about dealing with cravings and addictions.  People could choose their ‘thing’ – for some it was work, others alcohol or cigarettes and for me (this will be no surprise to my friends and colleagues) it was chocolate. The EFT process involves tapping on various points on the head, body and hands which correspond to acupuncture points. As you tap, emotions can be released. As we all tapped together whilst focusing on our ‘thing’ (no tasting, but you were allowed to smell it) people began to experience various memories and emotions often from childhood.

Most of the group noticed that their craving was diminishing as they tapped but mine stayed resolutely at ten out of ten. Then the trainer asked me what was happening, and I said the craving wasn’t shifting. He took my chocolate away and to my total astonishment I went into meltdown. A hundred childhood memories were triggered and I stepped out of the room with a training assistant to work through some of them.

In my logical brain I know that we use food/drink/drugs/work to suppress memories and beliefs, but to experience the emotion of this was very powerful. I can’t say that I haven’t eaten chocolate since but I have certainly eaten considerably less chocolate and I think about it less often! There is more work to be done on the underlying issues around chocolate eating but I feel that something has changed.

EFT can be a powerful technique to help support people dealing with craving and addiction. Working with a practitioner on a regular basis is advisable but you will also have the tools to help yourself between sessions.

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