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De-Stress with Emotional Freedom Technique … for a healthier, happier you

Date: Wednesday 11th January 2017 for 6 weeks

Time: 7pm to 8.15pm

Venue: The Perrymount Clinic, Haywards Heath


Are you looking for a simple, effective way to reduce your stress levels?
Do you want to feel calmer in day to day life?
Do you want to take control of your own health without relying on prescription drugs?

If the answer is YES, then this six week course is for you!

Each week we will begin with a series of breathing exercises, to calm your mind and body. You will then be introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique and learn how you can use it on a daily basis to address ANY negative emotions.

Common uses for EFT are:

~ To alleviate anxiety and panic
~ To improve low mood and feelings of depression
~ To calm a busy mind
~ To improve sleep
~ For feelings of frustration and anger

Regular users of EFT report significant changes in their lives; feeling more in control during stressful situations and adopting a more positive attitude to life.

During these six weeks, you will have an opportunity to work on some of your own stress issues individually, in a group and in pairs. Doing some EFT each day between sessions is encouraged but not compulsory! Each weekly session will build on what you have learnt so far.

The group will be kept small to optimise your experience so BOOK NOW to reserve your place.

The cost is just £75 for the six week course. You can register and pay via PayPal using the link below or contact Mary-Jane on 07787 570086


The last group sent me some lovely emails. Here are some of their comments:

“I would say that I have suffered from stress and anxiety for years, it’s always there.  I found the course very insightful, it opened my eyes to many practices that I can incorporate into my daily life should I feel stressed or anxious. Now,  I am physically aware when I start to get stressed which I was not before.  Mary Jane has taught me how to read the signs.  I can then use one of the tools that Mary Jane has given us to target the stress before it takes hold.  I moved house in the middle of the course, had no extra time off work and it was very relaxed for everyone so from personal experience I have to say  her methods work!

It was more interesting than I thought it would be,  working in a group.  Mary Jane herself is very welcoming, calm and professional.  I really did look forward to her sessions.  As she works with many different therapies  including homeopathy and EFT, we were offered a selection of methods to de-stress at home.

If you are stressed, I would highly recommend coming along to the six week course.”  Mrs M W, Haywards Heath


“This de-stress course is great for anyone who has ever felt that there are times life can feel like it’s getting a little too much. I’ve not been great with stress: challenging clients, family members not being well, commuting into London (which isn’t exactly downtime)… things can build quite easily.Mary-Jane’s de-stress course was like a little oasis for six weeks. Time for me that was very well spent. Not only was the time itself calming and helped me to centre myself, but I learnt new tools and techniques that were easy to use and helped keep the momentum going during the week. Definitely recommend!!” Rebecca, Mid Sussex


“75 minutes of your time, once a week for six weeks, is a tremendously worthwhile investment. It is time out from our busy lives to consider how we live, examine what stresses us out and then to work with these feelings. Short meditations help to calm the mind, and learning about Emotional Freedom Technique provides a useful and effective strategy enabling examination of thoughts and feelings. Focusing on gratitude and thinking mindfully helps us to consider what is truly important to us in everyday life. Mary Jane’s approach is thoughtful and she shares a wealth of knowledge that would take us years to go and discover! Thank you, I loved it, and miss our weekly meetings.” Ms G C. Cuckfield


“I enjoyed the course very much and feel it has given me more tools to use if I feel stressed or overwhelmed. Events or thoughts that have shaped elements of my life,I now know I can do something about how I feel about them and therefore change their effect on my life now, that is bloody exciting! I loved being able to ask questions, being able to relate to others in the group and speak openly.

I really valued talking with you Mary-Jane, I am fascinated by your life and skills and support and am thankful that I can access your talents!” Sarah, Brighton