Free from food intolerances!

Before I had NAET treatment with Mary Jane I could only eat a very limited amount of foods. After a serious illness I developed a large number of allergies to foods and chemicals. I couldn’t eat gluten, sugar, dairy, potato, tomato, pork, beef and chicken and many other foods. If I did eat these foods, I would feel tired, ache and get a headache. I managed my symptoms by avoiding foods but it meant my diet was very limited and I could no longer go out for lunch or dinner with my friends. As I love eating out, it really affected my quality of life.

I tried the NAET treatment just to see if it might help, but I had lost hope that anything would make much of a difference. I was absolutely thrilled when after the first session I could eat chicken again! Each NAET treatment produced a positive effect and after about 3 months of treatment I can now eat absolutely anything. It is such a thrill to go to a restaurant and be able to order anything from the menu! My social life has improved as I can now go out with friends again and enjoy dinner parties at people’s homes without causing a fuss.

One unexpected benefit is that I also started to feel better energy-wise. I didn’t go for the NAET treatment for this but as we worked through the ‘basics’ I noticed I felt significantly better. I also stopped reacting to chemicals and dust mites, which made my life a whole lot easier. I can now stay at other people’s houses without lugging dust mite proof bedding around with me!

Mary Jane herself was a big part of the treatment. She was so kind and supportive throughout the treatment. She went out of her way to look after me and I felt as though we worked through the process together. She is also a qualified homeopath, and when necessary she supplemented my treatment with remedies – I felt like I was getting two for the price of one!

If you are suffering from food or chemical allergies, or even hay fever or pet allergies I would definitely recommend NAET. In fact I would recommend it to anyone to boost your general health and well-being and to help your body to run as smoothly as possible.

Dr Sarah Miller, Clinical Psychologist

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