The Consultation

140224-0079-pp-v4_croppedThe first appointment is usually between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

For the best results it is immensely helpful if you can bring the following information with you (or on behalf of your child):

  • A list of your main health complaints
  • All the medication you are currently taking (bags of pills are quite usual!)
  • Any supplements you are currently taking or considering taking
  • A timeline showing your main health complaints since birth, including any medication you may have had plus any vaccination and their dates
  • If you know anything about your mother’s pregnancy with you and your birth, including any medication your mother was given, that is very useful information too
  • Any major life events or traumas and when they occurred

Firstly we discuss what prompted you to book an appointment – there may be one or more conditions for which you are seeking relief. We will talk about when the symptoms first appeared, how they manifest and the factors that alleviate them and make them worse.

I will usually go through your medical history with you, noting down any major illnesses, operations or personal traumas which you have suffered. We will also discuss your diet and food preferences and aversions.

A large part of my work is to try and identify the cause of the problem, which may have occurred many years ago. This isn’t always apparent and may not come to light immediately. This is where the timeline you have prepared comes in useful.

If appropriate, remedies will be selected and a follow up appointment made, usually for one to three weeks after the first.

EFT sessions usually begin immediately as I do not require a case history. They generally last from 50 to 60 minutes and you will learn the routine to enable you to self-treat between sessions. Depending on the severity of your condition, around five sessions will often be sufficient for you to see a significant improvement in levels of anxiety, stress and other emotional conditions.

Treating children and babies

The initial consultation for children may include kinesiology if required, and the remedies they may need.  Some parents prefer to have a discussion with me without their child present.  This may be particularly appropriate if there are behavioural issues or problems in the home environment which you do not wish to discuss in front of your child. A discussion can be arranged face to face, by phone or by email – please ask when you book the appointment.

During a child’s consultation I look to gather information about the pregnancy, in particular mum’s physical and emotional health at that time; the birth and the child’s early months. It is helpful to know the child’s health history, including acute illness such as chicken pox, coughs and colds as well as their vaccination record.

The health of parents and grandparents can also add useful information to the picture, as does information about the family home – who is in the house (siblings, parents, pets etc) and any issues that may be apparent there.  From the age of about four children are usually happy to discuss their food preferences, friends, pets and favourite games and we often play a game together.